Senior Creative/Copywriter NL


Senior Creative / Copywriter NL

In this function, you work within the Creative team, one of the many diverse, motivated, and fun-loving teams of Publicis Groupe. Delivering great, effective, and qualitative campaigns for various local and international clients is your main role. But you’ll discover quickly that sharing jokes, memes, and drinks after work with the team is also an important part of the job! Our professional skilled team of Creative Directors, among other experts of course, will help you turn every opportunity into a great idea and every great idea into a potential award.




At Publicis Groupe Belgium we are people obsessed. That’s our raison d’être: to make brands relevant and interesting to people, to touch them, deserve their attention and influence their behaviour, to grow the business of the brands we work for. You could say we move people to move business.

Our solutions are also driven by our focus on people. With creativity, media, and data, we create personalized solutions that impact individuals. Our diverse team of over 200 experts across strategy, data, creation, content, PR & influencer marketing, media, and production fuels our collective creativity.

We are equally obsessed with our talented workforce, earning us the "Great Place To Work" certification and the "Best Place To Work" Award at MM Agency of the Year. We take pride in being the only Belgian advertising agency to receive both recognitions two years in a row. Additionally, we have been honored as the "Agency of the Year" at the AMMA Awards, showcasing our excellence and leadership in the industry.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability are core values to us. Our dedicated DEI Taskforce ensures their integration into our culture, practices, and work. Guided by our Sustainability Director, we actively incorporate sustainability in everything we do, contributing to a better future.

If you are seeking an innovative, people-obsessed, diverse, and inclusive team dedicated to shaping progress, we are a perfect match for each other.



This is what matters most to us. We can teach you our methods, processes and frameworks, but you can teach us to make them work. As a Sr Creative/Copywriter NL, it is your courage, thinking and how you connect with others that make the real difference.

  • You are curious, honest, brave, generous and take ownership. You are ready to help us realize the impossible, while having some fun in the process.
  • You have a critical mindset, because you are committed, and want to put it to use to shape progress for brands, people and society.
  • You have a broad field of interests and a passion for brands, pop culture, new technologies and latest trends.
  • You have a min. of 8 years of relevant experience in advertising agencies.
  • Your portfolio already looks like a panini book, but instead of soccer players’ portraits with bad haircut, there are representative ideas of your talent.
  • You master different tools to translate your creative ideas.
  • You’ll team up with a talented native Dutch Art Director that is already working at Publicis Groupe (he’s really nice, you’ll see ;-)).
  • Your native language is Flemish and you’re also fluent in English.



This is our bucket list, but we will not be disappointed if we cannot thick all the boxes in the end. All our experts have different backgrounds, which help them shape their day-to-day, that will not be any different in your case.

  • You transform a creative brief into creative ideas & solutions.
  • You have a digital/social background and understand the new trends and techs used in advertising and are very used to non-traditional ideas.
  • You use your creativity and skills to shape campaigns from concept to production, and final delivery, together with the whole team involved.
  • You work with agility and adapt easily to client’s constraints.
  • You work hand in hand with Strategists with regular exchanges and discussions.
  • You brief Designers, Producers and Experts in general (inhouse and external) to make sure your idea comes to life as it should.
  • You provide copywriting and concept leadership i.e. photoshoots, TVC shoots etc.
  • You follow planning & deadlines.
  • You are excited to collaborate with our Creative Directors.



  • A key position in a resourceful and people obsessed organization.
  • Ambitious clients in the middle of their business transformation.
  • A competitive salary and benefits program.
  • An inclusive organization that recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of colour, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, …
  • A “great place to work” in the breath-taking carbon neutral Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. You’ll find facilities from showers so you can go for a yoga session or lunch-run in the Tour & Taxis Park to a food hall for if all that running (or only even thinking about it) made you hungry.


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