Client Lead

In this function, you work within the Client team, one of the many diverse, motivated, and fun-loving teams of Publicis Groupe. Delivering insightful and creative recommendations for your clients is your main role; to make sure you become their trusted advisor. But you’ll discover quickly that sharing jokes, memes, and drinks after work with the team is also an important part of the job!



At Publicis Groupe Belgium we are people obsessed. That’s our raison d’être: to make brands relevant and interesting to people, in order to touch them and influence their behaviour, to grow the business of the brands we work for. You could say we move people to move business.
The nature of the solutions we offer is also driven by the fact that we are people obsessed. By combining creativity, media and data we design tailor made creative solutions that impact each individual in a personalized way. More than 200 diverse bright experts are organised in 6 interconnected expert teams (strategy, data, creation, content, media, and production), and are the drivers of our collective creativity.

When it comes to the talents working for us, we’re off course also peopled obsessed. All the efforts we’re taking to make our people happy and grow lead to Publicis Groupe being certified with the prestigious “Great Place To Work” label in 2021.


This is what matters most to us. We can teach you our methods, processes and frameworks, but you can teach us to make them work. As a Client Lead, it is your courage, thinking and how you connect with others that make the real difference.

- You are curious, honest, brave, generous and take ownership. You are ready to help us realize the impossible, while having some fun in the process.
- You have a critical mindset, because you are committed, and want to put it to use to shape progress for brands, people and society.
- You have a broad field of interests and a passion for brands, marketing and communication.
- You have the best commercial flair and are not afraid to negotiate when needed.
- You always under promise and over deliver.
- You never avoid making tough decisions when needed.
- You have a min. of 8 years’ experience on local and international accounts.
- You have had previous positions such as Account Director, Head of Accounts or Business Director.
- You have great leadership skills and know how to unite people around a project.
- You’re able to work successfully within a team, handling high volume workload, and meeting tight deadlines under pressure when needed.
- You have strong presentation skills, written and live.
- You are a critical thinker, a problem solver and have an eagle eye for details.
- You are fluent in Dutch, French, and English.


This is our bucket list, but we will not be disappointed if we cannot thick all the boxes in the end. All our experts have different backgrounds, which help them shape their day-to-day, that will not be any different in your case.

- You take lead and responsibility for the business strategy, opportunities on your clients and overall client management.
- You keep a close relationship with the marketing-, brand managers and decision makers. You understand the challenges their brands and business face.
- You dare to ask the right questions, challenge the briefings, and steer the agency towards making the most effective and qualitative recommendation.
- You can lead mature discussions on fees and contract with the client (and you know the client's contract, services & KPI's by heart).
- You oversee your clients’ profitability.
- You have a strong knowledge & understanding of Publicis Groupe’s various services and products.
- You spot, stimulate & manage upsell/cross-sell opportunities (organic growth/ extended revenue for the agency).
- You can brief the right expertise departments and love to challenge their recommendations.
- You are responsible for the overall commercial client's experience and satisfaction.
- You are able to shape qualitative strategical & creative recommendations and argue them perfectly to the client.
- You are a dedicated, motivating, and enthusiastic coach to the team; you show excellent leadership.
- For all operational aspects, you leave the floor to your team of Account Directors, Account Managers, Project Managers and Account Executives, but you guide them where needed.
- You always strive for the best quality in every campaign you deliver with your team.
- You support a flawless invoicing process: POs, quotes, invoicing follow-up - with clients & experts.
- You report to the Chief Client Officer.


- A key position in a resourceful and people obsessed organization.
- Ambitious clients in the middle of their business transformation.
- A competitive salary and benefits program.
- An inclusive organization that recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of colour, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, …
- A “great place to work” in the breath-taking carbon neutral Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. You’ll find facilities from showers so you can go for a yoga session or lunch-run in the Tour & Taxis Park to a food hall for if all that running (or only even thinking about it) has make you hungry.


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