Adops Expert

If we say at Publicis Groupe Belgium that we’re Lionhearted, we mean that:
- We are curious
- We are brave
- We are generous
- We are owners, not executors
- We do the impossible

Publicis Groupe is an integrated communication agency that is part of the international Publicis Groupe network. Led by Eva Devos and Karel Vinck, Publicis Groupe services companies of all sizes, from local non-profits to multinationals in a wide range of categories by supporting them on media, creative, strategy, production, etc. which together deliver client value and business transformation. Publicis Groupe Belgium is committed to helping its clients navigate the modern communication landscape through its data supported practices. Our clients include The Walt Disney Company, Aldi, Orange, Ferrero, BNP Paribas Fortis, BBC First, LVMH and GSK to name just a few.


In Corporate Speak: flawlessly execute digital campaigns using a variety of ad servers, DSPs, DMPs, and VVF (viewability, verification and fraud prevention) tech.

In Ad Ops Talk: be on the front lines of the digital advertising universe and help solve some of the toughest industry problems our clients face.

- Manage campaign launches and ad technology integrations (we’ll show you how we do it here).
- Support the media and creative teams to activate digital campaigns (display, video, social, mobile, and programmatic).
- Handle the basic aspects of the trafficking process, including connecting placements to creatives, setting up consistent configurations, and collecting clean data.
- Manage the more complex aspects of trafficking, including Floodlight tags, dynamic creatives, DMP integrations, network upgrades, and more.
- Collaborate with fellow Tech Ops colleagues on processes to prevent errors, ensure consistency, to create a fail-proof QA checklist.
- Collaborate with vendors on behalf of creative agencies when troubleshooting is required.
- Become a Subject Matter Expert on any number of technologies; keep yourself and the team up to date on the ever-evolving media landscape through regular research and knowledge sharing.
- You will work across multiple clients, so we want you to share the best practices of each with the rest of the group in order to improve our output and standardize our work.
- Assist clients and media teams in technology tests such as verification partners, and mobile ad servers.
- Be responsible for holding media teams and creative agencies to execution timelines.

You are:

- highly detail oriented, good with time management, obsessed with accuracy, a strong critical thinker and able to juggle multiple tasks/clients. In a word: organized.
- a patient and diligent troubleshooter, unwilling to let go of a problem until it is solved.
- a creative problem solver, a customer service expert, a great team player.
- a good communicator – able to write clearly, speak professionally, and teach complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience in a way that helps the ideas stick.


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